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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: Elevated Gym and Central Office Space

Elevated Gym Addition Status: Implementation 

The addition of the elevated gym will provide a larger gym, add a new stage to serve the school and community, provide a permanent enclosed connection between the school and playground, and add more storage space. 

  • Progress through Q3: Second community meeting was held, the design has been completed and the project Development Special Use Permit amendment was approved by City Council and Planning Commission. Final Site Plan and Advanced Building Reviews followed the approvals. 

  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract amendment, continue Final Site Plan and Building Permit reviews. 

Central Office Relocation (5th and 6th-floor Retrofit) Status: Planning/Design 

This project involves fitting out the 5th and 6th floors of the office building that FTD is housed in to accommodate various ACPS departments and staff that will relocate from the central office. 

  • Progress through Q3: A redesign and cost estimate was completed. Due to COVID-19, the reprioritization of CIP projects occurred. The majority of funding was reallocated to another project deemed essential to complete. A portion of funding remained for the project to allow for the relocation of Safety and Security and the FACE department. The remainder of the project will be funded again in an out-year budget. 

  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Minimum renovations completed to allow Safety and Security and FACE departments to inhabit space on the 5th and 6th floors.

Read the Quarter 3 Report.

October-December 2019: New Gym Design

Progress was made on the addition of a raised gym at Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School in Q2. Design development commenced, the City Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) modification was submitted and the community, including surrounding neighbors, was informed and engaged.

It is anticipated that in Q3 construction documents will be completed, a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract negotiated and further community engagement undertaken. Project hearings will also be scheduled.

July-September 2019: Phase II Begins with New Gym Design

We have begun Phase II of this project and are in design development for an elevated gymnasium. This style of gym will allow space for delivery, trash collection as well as student pick-up and drop-off underneath a new structure that connects the school and the play area on the top of the adjacent parking garage. In the second quarter, there will be a focus on a fifth and sixth floor gym renovation.

Design: $100,500

Electrical: $11,000

Fencing: $11,000

IT: $28,000

Security: $35,000

Total amount spent on modernization projects for Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School between July through September 2019: $185,397.

An additional $6,000 was spent on design using systemwide funds.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates